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SRIVIZ GREEN HYDRO-TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd.was started as a proprietorship company in 2013 as INDO GREEN TECHNOLOGIES in view of promoting ECA technology in INDIA for water treatment. Now the brand INDO GREEN TECHNOLOGIES is trade mark protected & promoted in INDIA. We believe that brisk adaptation of new and upcoming technologies has enabled us gain competitive advantage.. Our partners research and development centre also has continued to strengthen our market position, enabling us to strategically market Electrolysed water treatment products both in the APAC and of the Fareast region.

The electrolytic cell of a MIOX on-site chemical generator uses salt combined with water and electricity to generate disinfectant at the point of use. MIOX offers two different types of on-site chemical generators. Our sodium hypochlorite (HYPO) systems are engineered to provide the absolute lowest cost and most reliable bleach available on the market. Alternatively, our Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) systems are engineered for maximum disinfection efficacy through proprietary cell design, control of power and cell geometry

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INDOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES was started as a proprietorship company in 2013 in view of promoting ECA technology in INDIA for water treatment. Now the brand INDO GREEN TECHNOLOGIES is trade mark protected & promoted in INDIA by SRIVIZ GREEN HYDROTECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd.

ECA or Electro Chemical Activation of water as it is called was first invented in Russia (former Soviet Union) and now many countries have this technology.In INDIA it this technology, is still at entry level with very few competitors.

Areas of Application

ECA is a path breaking technology by passing water and sodium chloride (salt) into propriety ion selective electrode producing an eco-friendly chlorine species oxidant

ECA water has very wide range of applications in various industries. Some of them are:

INDOGREEN is tied up with MIOX (USA), AQUARESEARCH (USA) & IZUMRUD (RUSSIA) for marketing the ECA technology equipment’s in INDIA.

Prime Promoter : D.SRINIVASAN

B.Sc (chemistry) with post graduate diploma in chemical process instrumentation.

Worked as marketing executive in Hindustan Polymers (1988 to 1990)
Worked briefly as management trainee with HPF DUPONT Ooty, in quality control photographic manufacturing process. (1991 to 1992)
Headed the chemical process quality control lab at RAVISHANKAR INDUSTRIES, PUDUCHERRY for the KODAK Film motion picture jumbo conversion unit. (1994 to 2001)
Set up a independent small scale x ray film processing chemical unit at Puducherry (2002 to 2006)
From 2007 actively involved as an independent consultant for water treatment/ ECA technologies feasibility in INDIA before starting INDOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES.

Prime Promoter : Vijayamala W/o of Mr .Srinivasan

(BE) (electrical)

Proprietary Indogreen technologies.